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Lab-Quality Pregnancy Tests

Wondering if you're pregnant can be an anxious experience. Put your mind at ease with a free, lab-quality pregnancy test at Care Net of Las Cruces. Get accurate results in just 3 minutes, as early as 1 day after your missed period.

Comprehensive Ultrasound Services

While pregnancy tests can indicate pregnancy, they don't offer full confirmation. Turn to Care Net of Las Cruces for a limited obstetric ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy's viability. Our registered nurses and Medical Director are trained to provide accurate results.

Material Assistance for New Parents

Navigating the journey of new parenthood can be challenging, especially when it comes to essential supplies like diapers and bottles. Care Net of Las Cruces is here to provide you with the material resources you need as you step into this new chapter.

Pregnancy Decision Consultation

If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options, making an informed decision is crucial. At Care Net of Las Cruces, we offer free pregnancy decision consultations designed to help you understand your choices and provide answers to any questions you may have. Our professional and compassionate staff are here to provide unbiased support and resources, enabling you to make the best choice for your unique situation.

Post Abortion Support

Undergoing an abortion can result in a range of emotions. Whether you're feeling relief, regret, or confusion, it's all perfectly normal. Care Net of Las Cruces offers confidential emotional support to help you process your feelings after an abortion.

Parenting Classes and Support

All parents experience moments of uncertainty. At Care Net of Las Cruces, we offer classes to help you navigate your role as a parent. We also provide a Single Moms Support Group.

Adoption Guidance and Referrals

If you are contemplating adoption, it’s crucial to have the right information and support. Care Net of Las Cruces has a network of reputable adoption agencies and offers free resources to guide you through this significant decision.

Community and Financial Resources

At Care Net of Las Cruces, we understand that there's more to family planning than parenting alone. We collaborate with local organizations to offer you additional community and financial resources, helping you build a stable future for your family.