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Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy: Free Support and Services in Las Cruces

Discovering Your Next Steps

When the unexpected strikes, a flurry of emotions can follow. An unplanned pregnancy might bring up countless questions and uncertainties. Amidst the whirlwind, Care Net of Las Cruces offers a steady hand with lab-quality pregnancy tests. Within just 3 minutes, we provide accurate results, allowing you to gain clarity as early as a day after your missed period. Should that test read positive, our comprehensive ultrasound services delve deeper, confirming and offering insights into the viability of the pregnancy. It's our way of ensuring you're informed right from the outset.

Navigating Your Choices with Confidence

Your journey, your choices. Whether you're leaning towards parenting, adoption, or simply seeking more information, our commitment is to stand by you. Our pregnancy decision consultation is an avenue for unbiased support, insights, and resources, all tailored to your unique circumstances. If parenting beckons, we've got your back. From essential supplies to intricate nuances of parenthood, our material assistance and the Circle of Security Parenting™ program can help pave the way. And for those contemplating adoption, our guidance and referrals ensure you have all the information you need for this profound decision.

Beyond the Immediate: Holistic Support for Every Chapter

Life has a way of presenting challenges beyond immediate decisions. Perhaps it's the need for post-abortion emotional support or a desire to lay down strong foundations for the future. At Care Net of Las Cruces, our reach extends beyond the now. Collaborations with local organizations enable us to offer community and financial resources, crafting a support system that's holistic and enduring.

In every chapter, every twist and turn of your story, remember you're not alone. Care Net of Las Cruces is here, a beacon of support, guiding you every step of the way.

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