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Understanding Abortion Procedures and Risks: Get the Facts

Considering Abortion: What You Need to Know

Facing the possibility of an abortion is a deeply personal and often complex decision. The process, the options, and the outcomes can feel overwhelming. At Care Net of Las Cruces, our mission is to support you with unbiased, evidence-based information, ensuring you have all the tools needed to make an informed choice.

Step 1: Confirm Your Pregnancy

Before navigating the waters of abortion decisions, it's important to determine if you're really pregnant. Over-the-counter tests might not always provide the accuracy you need. At our center, we offer medical-quality pregnancy tests that outshine most alternatives in precision. Should the test indicate pregnancy, we further extend the offer of a free limited obstetric ultrasound. This step is vital in confirming the pregnancy. With preliminary results available on the spot and confirmed details within 2 business days, you're equipped with clarity from the get-go.

Step 2: Understand the Timeline of Your Pregnancy

Your pregnancy's stage isn't just about tracking developmental milestones. It significantly influences the abortion procedures open to you and sheds light on the associated risks and costs. Our team at Care Net of Las Cruces is trained to conduct ultrasounds that determine your pregnancy's exact stage, ensuring you have all the information you need to assess your options.

Step 3: Equip Yourself with Knowledge and Support

The journey of an unplanned pregnancy should not be done alone. We're here as your companions, ready to answer questions, share insights, and offer a listening ear. The aim? Ensure you feel supported, understood, and empowered to make the best decision for your unique situation.

Our Commitment: Free, Confidential, and Compassionate

In the midst of uncertainty, financial constraints or external pressures shouldn't cloud your judgment. Our range of services, be it pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or consultations, come at no cost to you, always maintaining the highest confidentiality standards. It's our pledge to be your reliable haven during these challenging moments.

Navigating Your Decision with Care Net of Las Cruces

Every step taken, every decision made, can be daunting. But remember, with Care Net of Las Cruces by your side, you're never alone. While we don't perform or refer for abortions, our dedication lies in ensuring you're informed, supported, and confident in whichever path you choose.

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